Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Reflection Post

I think my abilities have changed a lot from the beginning of the school year in art class until now. I've have had several difficult but fun assignments this year and they just ended up being new experiences I ended up learning from. The assignments we had really made me think and try to be creative which helped me in the end. The more and more projects we were given the easier the ideas came to my mind. I am mostly proud of the new abilities and techniques I have leared through out this school year.  Before this class I never knew how to express myself besides with drawing simple things. And now I know how to do many painting techniques, sculpt, shade, drawing with color pencil etc. This year has changed the way I look at art class and I am excited to learn even more thiggs next year.

Time Capsule

My time capsule has items in it that I think when I open it in 20 years, will make me think of my highschool experience. One of the things in my capsule is several pictures of my friends and I. I have a feeling that mostly all the people im close to now, I will end up totally forgeting about in 20 or so years. It's important to me that when i open this, I can remember exactly what I look like now and remember all my friends and all the great memories we had over the years. A more specific thing in my time capsule is a girl scout cookie rapper. At first when I put it in the box I thought of it just as something I enjoy eating as a dessert, but now I realize once I open it it will take me back to the days when I was a girlscout myself. Those were the times before I switched elementary schools, when I had different friends and all my experiences I had as a girlscout can be thought of once I open my time capsule. I also have a rose in my time capsule. Even though its not my favorite flower, it represents my attraction to flowers. Ever since I can remember I always had a desire to draw flowers, everytime I tried to thing of something to draw or to paint, I only thought of flowers. And at that time that was pretty much the only thing I felt confident in drawing. This is represented on the outside of my box with sunflowers. (First picture is the top, last is the bottom)

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sculpture Story-The city

The city, non-stop traffic, crowds of people day and night all year round. Looking up at the buildings towering over me, while walking street to street making memories last. Either with a group of friends or family, I always have a great experience. Taxis everywhere stopping on the curb to pick up people who are waving them down. When night time strikes, the buildings and skyscrapers come alive with bright lights because the city never sleeps. Tourists roam the city snapping pictures of the shops and historical sites. Even though we only live a couple miles away, it doesn't hurt to take a couple pictures myself.
You can't go to Philly without getting something good to eat whether it's one of their famous cheesesteaks or getting something at the Reading Terminal. When I'm in the city, I feel at home and as if I belong. Walking and walking you can't help but take a glance into the little shops each beaming with their own personality and unique environment. The shops range from a 50's theme restaurant, and bakery to sports utility stores and souvenir places. There's nothing you can't find in the city's shops. 
It's impossible to not be inspired by the art that covers the city from end to end. The enormous mosaics and paintings make questions pop into your head like who even did this and how long did it take? Even some graffiti covering the alleyways and parks make you think about the meaning of it or if it was just careless vandalism. 
The city is like an entire different world compared to where I live even though it is not far away. I can't help but think of the next time I will return to re-live all my experiences there. 

Friday, January 24, 2014

Fortune Cookie Book Page

For the fortune cookie project I ended up having some trouble. I couldnt focus on which fortune to make a book page about, and how to do it. I decided to do some of the meanings, symbols and numbers of several fortunes in my book page. Even though I'm not finished, so far i painted some red white and blue around the border of the square in the middle of my paper. The red white and blue represents one of the fortunes who's symbol means "I am American" In English. Along with that I put some of the fortune cookie wrappers beneath the paint. Once I get working on it again, Im planning to add some white stars from the American flag in the middle along with some Chinese symbols that are on the fortunes. Also I'm going to put some lucky numbers that are on the fortunes. 

Pop Print

I really enjoyed to procedure of the making the pop print in class. It was fun carving the design out and using it as a stamp to make different designs on paper. I picked a perfume bottle, which is was what I brought in for the class. I picked it because it didnt have too much detail where I would have much trouble carving out. For this project it seemed to be the more simple the carving, the better the print will end up. Unfortuantly, I didn't really like my print very much and how it turned out. I think I carved to deep and too much around the object, so when i printed, there wasnt much ink on the paper besides the outline of my carving. But, It was interesting to see my print in all different colors and patterns. If i had the chance to do this assignment again now I would know what to do differently.

Art x3

This is the art x3 project we did in class. I think this assignment really made you think about what you were going to do for your part of the collage and what it symbolized. Since there were 3 people working on one paper, you had to make your final paper look like you changed it and made it better in some way. You also had to make sure it either tied in with the previous persons work or if you wanted to ignore that and start off with a new theme, It should be somewhat meaningful. I had a hard time thinking of what I wanted mine to be about since when I got my final copy paper, all it had on it was many layers of previous work, covered by 2 layers of blue tissue paper and a large blue fish. I decided to rip off parts of the layers to reveal the older work and to take off most of the fish using sand paper. Finally I decided to take a turn in events and create a somewhat "gory" scene for my art x3 collage.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Horarding and Collecting, Andy Warhol and Patricia Munson

Collecting is when you save several items that mean something to you or maybe it doesn't, but I think if your a collector you should have a type of theme planned out so it will look more like art and organized. Hoarding is when you keep worthless things and many of them cluttered together and you cannot bring yourself to get rid of anything. Anyone can gather a bunch of stuff together and call it art but that's not how hoarding is. Hoarding is nothing like collecting because you don't plan on keeping things you just cant control yourself but it depends how bad your habit is, sometimes people collect trash and their house and other places because filthy, how is that art? I am comparing Portia Munson and Andy Warhol. Personally I think Andy Warhol is much more hard working than Portia is because he puts more time into his work rather than putting random things together like Portia does. The thing that they both have in common is that they have a very unique way of using color but they use color in completely different ways. But at the same time I think there work is two different types of art and Portia's at times can be more creative because many people wouldn't think about putting the types of things she puts together to make a sculpture or an instillation.