Friday, January 24, 2014

Pop Print

I really enjoyed to procedure of the making the pop print in class. It was fun carving the design out and using it as a stamp to make different designs on paper. I picked a perfume bottle, which is was what I brought in for the class. I picked it because it didnt have too much detail where I would have much trouble carving out. For this project it seemed to be the more simple the carving, the better the print will end up. Unfortuantly, I didn't really like my print very much and how it turned out. I think I carved to deep and too much around the object, so when i printed, there wasnt much ink on the paper besides the outline of my carving. But, It was interesting to see my print in all different colors and patterns. If i had the chance to do this assignment again now I would know what to do differently.

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