Friday, January 24, 2014

Fortune Cookie Book Page

For the fortune cookie project I ended up having some trouble. I couldnt focus on which fortune to make a book page about, and how to do it. I decided to do some of the meanings, symbols and numbers of several fortunes in my book page. Even though I'm not finished, so far i painted some red white and blue around the border of the square in the middle of my paper. The red white and blue represents one of the fortunes who's symbol means "I am American" In English. Along with that I put some of the fortune cookie wrappers beneath the paint. Once I get working on it again, Im planning to add some white stars from the American flag in the middle along with some Chinese symbols that are on the fortunes. Also I'm going to put some lucky numbers that are on the fortunes. 

Pop Print

I really enjoyed to procedure of the making the pop print in class. It was fun carving the design out and using it as a stamp to make different designs on paper. I picked a perfume bottle, which is was what I brought in for the class. I picked it because it didnt have too much detail where I would have much trouble carving out. For this project it seemed to be the more simple the carving, the better the print will end up. Unfortuantly, I didn't really like my print very much and how it turned out. I think I carved to deep and too much around the object, so when i printed, there wasnt much ink on the paper besides the outline of my carving. But, It was interesting to see my print in all different colors and patterns. If i had the chance to do this assignment again now I would know what to do differently.

Art x3

This is the art x3 project we did in class. I think this assignment really made you think about what you were going to do for your part of the collage and what it symbolized. Since there were 3 people working on one paper, you had to make your final paper look like you changed it and made it better in some way. You also had to make sure it either tied in with the previous persons work or if you wanted to ignore that and start off with a new theme, It should be somewhat meaningful. I had a hard time thinking of what I wanted mine to be about since when I got my final copy paper, all it had on it was many layers of previous work, covered by 2 layers of blue tissue paper and a large blue fish. I decided to rip off parts of the layers to reveal the older work and to take off most of the fish using sand paper. Finally I decided to take a turn in events and create a somewhat "gory" scene for my art x3 collage.