Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Reflection Post

I think my abilities have changed a lot from the beginning of the school year in art class until now. I've have had several difficult but fun assignments this year and they just ended up being new experiences I ended up learning from. The assignments we had really made me think and try to be creative which helped me in the end. The more and more projects we were given the easier the ideas came to my mind. I am mostly proud of the new abilities and techniques I have leared through out this school year.  Before this class I never knew how to express myself besides with drawing simple things. And now I know how to do many painting techniques, sculpt, shade, drawing with color pencil etc. This year has changed the way I look at art class and I am excited to learn even more thiggs next year.

Time Capsule

My time capsule has items in it that I think when I open it in 20 years, will make me think of my highschool experience. One of the things in my capsule is several pictures of my friends and I. I have a feeling that mostly all the people im close to now, I will end up totally forgeting about in 20 or so years. It's important to me that when i open this, I can remember exactly what I look like now and remember all my friends and all the great memories we had over the years. A more specific thing in my time capsule is a girl scout cookie rapper. At first when I put it in the box I thought of it just as something I enjoy eating as a dessert, but now I realize once I open it it will take me back to the days when I was a girlscout myself. Those were the times before I switched elementary schools, when I had different friends and all my experiences I had as a girlscout can be thought of once I open my time capsule. I also have a rose in my time capsule. Even though its not my favorite flower, it represents my attraction to flowers. Ever since I can remember I always had a desire to draw flowers, everytime I tried to thing of something to draw or to paint, I only thought of flowers. And at that time that was pretty much the only thing I felt confident in drawing. This is represented on the outside of my box with sunflowers. (First picture is the top, last is the bottom)