Monday, November 18, 2013

Horarding and Collecting, Andy Warhol and Patricia Munson

Collecting is when you save several items that mean something to you or maybe it doesn't, but I think if your a collector you should have a type of theme planned out so it will look more like art and organized. Hoarding is when you keep worthless things and many of them cluttered together and you cannot bring yourself to get rid of anything. Anyone can gather a bunch of stuff together and call it art but that's not how hoarding is. Hoarding is nothing like collecting because you don't plan on keeping things you just cant control yourself but it depends how bad your habit is, sometimes people collect trash and their house and other places because filthy, how is that art? I am comparing Portia Munson and Andy Warhol. Personally I think Andy Warhol is much more hard working than Portia is because he puts more time into his work rather than putting random things together like Portia does. The thing that they both have in common is that they have a very unique way of using color but they use color in completely different ways. But at the same time I think there work is two different types of art and Portia's at times can be more creative because many people wouldn't think about putting the types of things she puts together to make a sculpture or an instillation.

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