Monday, November 18, 2013

Horarding and Collecting, Andy Warhol and Patricia Munson

Collecting is when you save several items that mean something to you or maybe it doesn't, but I think if your a collector you should have a type of theme planned out so it will look more like art and organized. Hoarding is when you keep worthless things and many of them cluttered together and you cannot bring yourself to get rid of anything. Anyone can gather a bunch of stuff together and call it art but that's not how hoarding is. Hoarding is nothing like collecting because you don't plan on keeping things you just cant control yourself but it depends how bad your habit is, sometimes people collect trash and their house and other places because filthy, how is that art? I am comparing Portia Munson and Andy Warhol. Personally I think Andy Warhol is much more hard working than Portia is because he puts more time into his work rather than putting random things together like Portia does. The thing that they both have in common is that they have a very unique way of using color but they use color in completely different ways. But at the same time I think there work is two different types of art and Portia's at times can be more creative because many people wouldn't think about putting the types of things she puts together to make a sculpture or an instillation.

Our Class Collection & Portia Munson

I think the collection that our class collected and the sculptures/ collections that Portia Munson made showed a lot of everyday objects. One thing that I noticed that was a very popular thing in especially in Portia Munson's work was plastic. This tells us that we have a advanced technology to turn literally everything that we could need into a plastic mold or object that can soon become worthless. I saw this in Portia Munson's "Pink Project", "Lawn", and "Reflecting Pool" instillations along with some others that are similar. Both our "Blue Project" and all Portia Munson's instillations show our simple interests which are everyday objects like cleaning supplies, grooming objects, toys and other random things that aren't worth much but have a good part in the displays. Our group collection reflects some of my small interests like make up, perfume, chewing gum and some other things I use often without thinking twice about it. Below I have a picture of Portia Munson's "Lawn" and our classes current blue collection.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Bicycle drawing

on the bicycle drawing, I had trouble with making it look like metal which was very important. I enjoyed outlining the bike a lot more than I enjoyed shading it. I attempted to add more darks and lights where I saw it on the actual bike and it actually slowly started to look more realistic and not just like a colored in bike. the more I draw pictures with shading with different graphite pencils the better I will get at it looking more realistic. 

compare and contrast bike and candy jar drawing

Even though I only finished one of the two drawings I recently posted about (Bicycle and candy jar drawing) I enjoyed doing the Candy jar drawing more. Even though the bike drawing was easier to sketch out, I really liked working with the colored pencils in the candy jar drawing. the bike drawing got boring after days of trying to get a metal look to it. The colored pencils gave the drawing a entirely different feeling and texture to it and it appealed to my eye more. I had my difficulties with both of the drawings.

The Candy Jar

We are currently drawing a jar of candy. I am not quite finsihed yet but this was a diffucult assignment with a lot of goals you needed to hit in your drawing. Not only did it have to look like candy but it had to look like candy was inside the jar, the jar had to look like a jar, the candy in the jar had to be in the right angle, you had to shade in the shadows and highlights, and mix the colors properly using colored pencils. The hardest part of this assignment was probably making the jar look like a jar. Its getting better the more I work on it but it still needs some adjustments. The color pencils allowed you to mix with other colors to make the orignal color darker or lighter and I thought that was fun to do.