Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sculpture Story-The city

The city, non-stop traffic, crowds of people day and night all year round. Looking up at the buildings towering over me, while walking street to street making memories last. Either with a group of friends or family, I always have a great experience. Taxis everywhere stopping on the curb to pick up people who are waving them down. When night time strikes, the buildings and skyscrapers come alive with bright lights because the city never sleeps. Tourists roam the city snapping pictures of the shops and historical sites. Even though we only live a couple miles away, it doesn't hurt to take a couple pictures myself.
You can't go to Philly without getting something good to eat whether it's one of their famous cheesesteaks or getting something at the Reading Terminal. When I'm in the city, I feel at home and as if I belong. Walking and walking you can't help but take a glance into the little shops each beaming with their own personality and unique environment. The shops range from a 50's theme restaurant, and bakery to sports utility stores and souvenir places. There's nothing you can't find in the city's shops. 
It's impossible to not be inspired by the art that covers the city from end to end. The enormous mosaics and paintings make questions pop into your head like who even did this and how long did it take? Even some graffiti covering the alleyways and parks make you think about the meaning of it or if it was just careless vandalism. 
The city is like an entire different world compared to where I live even though it is not far away. I can't help but think of the next time I will return to re-live all my experiences there.